BPP is proud to have accredited status with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) – the international qualifying and Membership body for the Chartered Secretary profession and the world's leading authority on governance and compliance.

We've been offering the ICSA qualification for many years and have structured our courses to meet a whole range of study requirements. With our excellent study materials, highly qualified tutors and helpful administrative support, BPP can offer you a successful ICSA study experience, equipping you for a variety of different career paths.

This qualification comprises of four modules which build on the underpinning principles of IFA Level 4 and is ideal for students who wish to develop their knowledge further.

Successful completion of IFA Level 5 makes you eligible to register for ICSA's Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme, leading to full Chartered Secretary status.

BPP – Key information

  • Many years experience of offering ICSA courses

  • Consistently achieve outstanding pass rates

  • Regularly have prizewinners from within our classes

  • Face to face and Online learning study options

  • Access to some of the best teaching and learning materials on the market

  • JFSC Table 4 qualification - suitable for Category A and B employees


About ICSA

ICSA is the leading professional body for company secretaries – and a global voice on governance and regulatory issues across all sectors. The Institute's headquarters are in London, but ICSA also operates in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

ICSA’s International Finance and Administration (IFA) Level 5

IFA Level 5 builds upon the under-pinning principles of the IFA Level 4. It is aimed at those with experience of the offshore industry, for example administrators in junior supervisory roles, who wish to develop their knowledge further.

It is open to you if you have successfully completed ICSA's Certificate in International Finance and Administration or have gained an appropriate exemption. There are three qualifications to choose from however to gain a JFSC Table 4 recognised qualification you will need to complete the full Level 5 Diploma in International Finance and Administration.


  • ICSA Level 5 Advanced Certificate in International Finance and Administration = Core module + one other module
  • ICSA Level 5 Subsidiary Diploma in International Finance and Administration = Core module + two other modules
  • ICSA Level 5 Diploma in International Finance and Administration (DipICSA) = All four modules

ICSA membership

On successful completion, you are able to use the designatory letters DipICSA after your name. You can then continue your studies on the ICSA qualifying scheme and pursue full Chartered Secretary status.

For more information about ICSA, please call 01534 711841.



To achieve the full IFA Level 5 you will need to successfully complete all of the four modules listed below;

  • Offshore Trust and Company Administration (Core Module) - Introduction to trusts; companies and the company secretary; trust and company administration; record keeping and decision making; regulation and taxation and offshore governance and stewardship
  • Business Management in Practice - Management and human behaviour; business structures and functions; business strategy and leadership; innovation, entrepreneurship and change
  • Financial Reporting and Governance - Financial reporting environment; provisions, liabilities and assets; trust accounting, reporting requirements and governance; financial sector regulation and frameworks
  • Funds Administration - Investment climate; providing fund administration services; fund administration process and understanding modern portfolio theory.

Exam information

There are four examinations in total. You can choose how many exams to take in each sitting, although we recommend that you take no more than two at a time.

Exam dates

Exams are held twice a year, in June and November. You must register with ICSA before you are able to sit the exams.

Exam format

The exam papers are split into three sections:

  • Section A -multiple-choice
  • Section B -short-answer compulsory questions.
  • Section C -longer essay-style questions from which you answer two from a choice of three.

The marks allocated for all questions you are required to complete total 100. The pass mark is 50%.

Exam Results

Your exam results will be available approximately eight weeks after you have sat your exam.

If you have any problems please contact ICSA on (+44) (0) 207 580 4741.

ICSA will give you a student number and confirmation of the time, date and place of the exam. Please ensure that you have these details prior to your exam.

Free Lifetime Pass Assurance

Our ICSA training delivers a higher than average worldwide pass rate and we're therefore proud of the quality of our education and training. We're also proud of the peace of mind we offer our students with free Pass Assurance that protects you if you fail the exam on your first attempt.

BPP's Pass Assurance varies dependent on how you study, and at which level.

Download Pass Assurance information here.

All terms and conditions stated are subject to BPP's additional Pass Assurance Terms and Conditions.

Learning materials

Please note that Pass Assurance covers the cost of tuition only. Additional BPP Learning Media physical study materials are not included. You will get full online support with updated and refreshed content.

Additional support

Should you fail your exam and you don't qualify for lifetime pass assurance we can still offer you support. Please contact your tutor or call the ICSA Course Administrator so we can advise you on your next steps.

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Ways to study

Our IFA Level 5 courses are available as both classroom or online - allowing you to choose the option that best suits your circumstances.

Classroom based Course

We do our best to ensure that all of our classroom courses for IFA Level 5 are in the evenings from 5.00 – 8.00pm GMT.

Through classroom learning you will:

  • Learn the core areas of the syllabus
  • Practice questions on the syllabus' core areas
  • Develop your exam technique by completing two mock exams to help manage your time in the exam and maximise your marks on every exam question
  • Review past exam questions and explore what the examiner wants to see in your answers
  • Make the crucial difference between a borderline fail and a confident pass
  • Test your pure knowledge, relevant skills and competencies

Study materials

Our study materials include 24/7 access to the online recording of the course; our popular course notes; revision notes; mock exams as well as ICSA's text book.

Online Course

Our online tuition and revision courses combine pre-recorded lectures and practice questions with together with our first class course notes and question banks.

The courses include marked mock-exams and an online tutor to help guide you through your studies.

Entry requirements

IFA Level 5 is open to those who have successfully completed IFA Level 4 or who have a university degree or HND, thus exempting them from undertaking IFA Level 4.

For more information about exemptions contact ICSA on

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