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Providing you with the tools to succeed

Our Soft Skills Sessions are developed and delivered by BPP’s Professional Development Team and designed to provide additional training to our BPP Apprentices, which aim to help develop your essential business skills.

The Soft Skill Sessions are a series of totally free, online classroom pre-recorded sessions to equip you with the personal skills needed for different situations you may face within the workplace. They are created to compliment your apprenticeship and most importantly they are tailored to those who are new to a professional environment.

With a range of topics, feel free to watch each session as and when you feel necessary and as many times as you like.

  • Time Management

    Time management is ultimately about learning to manage your self – deciding what your priorities are, tuning out distractions and making sure you achieve your goals. This course is aimed at anyone who would not grade their time management ability at 10/10. All attendees will reflect on their own ability to manage their time and work more effectively.

  • Assertiveness

    This course will benefit anyone who feels that they need to deal with people more confidently and more effectively - without being either too passive or too aggressive. We will look at different ways of managing conflict to help you get what you want from challenging situations at work and in your personal life.

  • How to Work Effectively

    This course is about being effective whether in your work life or in your studies. We look at effective memory techniques, note taking and organisation as well as how to look poised and confident even under pressure.

  • Working as Part of a Team

    What makes a great team – and what makes you a great team-player that everyone wants to work with? We look at what the common characteristics are of high performing teams and look at some practical techniques for dealing with difficult team members.

  • Getting the most from your Working Relationships

    Connecting with people is the key to success in business and the professions. This course includes how to network with fellow professionals outside your organisation, how to manage relationships with colleagues and bosses within it, how to build trust and confidence with everyone you interact with, and how to manage the expectations of others.

  • Confidence Building

    If you have ever felt that you wished that you had more self-confidence then this course is for you. Practical steps for how to use nervousness and how to disguise it when you need to. Simple techniques for improving your confidence in meetings. Learning how to give and take feedback and how to turn criticism into the continuous improvement that leads to success.

  • Effective Communications

    When and how to communicate, when and how to pick the right method for communication – for instance, recognising when email is not going to work and you are going to need to pick up the phone or hold a meeting. Also covers business etiquette, how to say no without giving offence, and the fundamentals of effective business written communication.

  • Negotiation Skills

    The ability to negotiate is a key skill – as much in your private as in your work life. This course looks at the basic techniques in the context of the types of negotiation you are likely to meet in practice so that you will be able to feel more confident if the situation arises.